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The entire Spanish Academic Network itself is under development. With over 20 academically qualified volunteers, the Network is growing every day.

Academic Profiles and Programs - Representatives from the Spanish Academic Network are contacting U.S. Spanish undergraduate and graduate programs to (1) gather information for our "Academic Programs" directory, and (2) invite qualified students and educators to join the Network.

Expansion and technical perfection of our Interactive Spanish Studies - Our Interactive Spanish Studies are a priority for the Network. We are expanding the following sections: English-Spanish Translation, Spanish Verbs, Precision & Correction, and Register Improvement. Future sections are in production now. These are: Spanish Medical Translation, Spanish Legal Translation, Spanish Pronouns, Spanish Subjunctive, Spanish Slang, Country-specific Spanish, Spanish Sayings, and Spanish Literature Vocabulary. Our technical team is also designing and implementing creative interactive Spanish lessons and testing routines.

Spanish Academic Journal Templates - Our graphic artists and web development specialists are working hard to provide our new members with a number of templates they may select for e-Publishing. The template categories will be: Spanish Culture & Society, Spanish Literature, Spanish Linguistics, and Spanish Translation.

Legitimization of the Spanish Academic Journal - Founders and contributors of the Spanish Academic Network are designing the approval process for published work. Currently, two senior Ph.D. level members must approve the piece before it is published. Each submission is handled carefully, and each essay or writing is hand-coded by our web development team to ensure it is properly displayed on our website. We do not accept automatic submissions, and nothing is displayed in the Spanish Academic Journal unless it has been scrutinized on many levels.

Directory Building - The Spanish Academic Network has two directories: (1) the main directory containing useful online resources, and (2) the academic program directory. There are no automatic submissions to our directories. Each directory link is carefully examined to ensure it is relevant, high quality, and worthwhile. We minimize the number of sites that are sales-only sites since our objective is to include sources for Spanish research. Our volunteers must get approval from a director prior to including a link in any of our directories. Become a volunteer.

Translator Profiles - We are currently designing and implementing profile pages for our esteemed volunteer translators. These profiles may be used by our translators for professional purposes. These profiles will include a downloadable PDF of their Curricum Vita, and indicate which Spanish Academic Network pages they translated. Further, they are eligible to submit to the Spanish Academic Journal, and have their writings highlighted in their profile.

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