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Web Site Submission Guidelines

Please read submission guidlines before submitting your link suggestion.

There are three ways to submit a website to the Spanish Academic Network:
1) Suggest a Link - You would like to inform us about a useful website without selling or promoting anything.
2) Interlinking - You link to us; we link to you.
2) Join our Theme Link System - See below.

The Theme Link System (TLS)

When you take part in the Spanish Academic's Theme Link System, we link to you in our directory, but we customize a link for you to link to a website that already links to us. We request a link from you on behalf of a website resource that our researchers believes is reputable and very relevant to the theme we are establishing. For example, if our theme is "advanced Spanish translation exercises," we will ask you to link to a highly reputable source for Spanish or translation; that source will already be linking to us, so your link is at only one degree of separation.

Advantages? Your link will be placed higher, it will be more detailed, and your page title will have a fade background for higher visibility.

Why do we use TLS? The Spanish Academic Researchers searched many major and minor search engines by querying many Spanish learning phrases. They found that many top positions in the search results were taken by irrelevant websites or companies that were employing optimization specialists in order to sell something on the Internet.

The Spanish Academic Network is interested in promoting hand-selected sites that are truly relevant to people searching for academic information related to Spanish or information on reliable and reputable products and services. We do NOT promote products or services, but in our TLS we will only link through reputable company websites.

Linking Criteria Used

Google Page Rank: Your Google Page Rank (PR) is taken into consideration. In general, sites with a higher PR have more relevant, high quality pages linking to them from somewhere else on the Internet. In theory, a lot of incoming links from highly ranked sources means that your site is more important to your subject matter "colleagues" elsewhere. If your subject matter "colleagues" feel you are important, then so will potential visitors or customers; and so your site becomes more relevant; you appear higher on search result pages; and potential visitors are more likely to see your site and visit it. Although the Google algorithm is imperfect, there appears to be a relation between quality content, importance as a resource, and Page Rank.

In general, we link to pages with a PR of 4 or more. New sites and lower PR sites with excellent content are the exceptions. To learn how to determine your Google PR, click here.

Let Us Know: We want to know why you feel your web site will benefit The Spanish Academic Network users. We are on the lookout for unique sites with rich content and helpful links.

Site Integrity and Quality: Your web site should have a logical navigation scheme and its presentation should be professional. Your site is likely to be rejected if it has: hard to read text or a poor layout, under construction pages, pop-ups of almost any sort, constant sales pitches, content inappropriate for general visitors, redirects, hidden content for site optimization purposes, or we detect that your site is part of a link-swapping web ring that is irrelevant to its subject matter.

Your Page Theme: The The Spanish Academic Network online research directory is made up of theme pages, that is, pages that contain same-subject text and links. Theme pages may include keyword-rich explanatory text that is coherent and intelligible next to links that are true links to useful content. This design ensures that search engines will create a strong relationship between your link and the subject of your site; and visitors to will be directed to truly useful sites.

Link Swapping: We will swap links with highly relevant web sites. In order to receive a link from The Spanish Academic Network, the page theme must be the same.


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