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Choosing a Spanish graduate program

Where you choose to complete your Spanish graduate studies can have an enormous impact on your future. Find out what you should consider when choosing a Spanish graduate program:
Choosing a graduate program

List of Graduate Programs in Spanish

Hispanic Linguistics Master’s and PhD Rankings

The National Research Council (NRC) and US News & World Report have both attempted to rank graduate programs in the United States. Experts in higher education and statisticians have discredited these rankings, but their voices are rarely heard:
Ranking Graduate Programs in Spanish / Hispanic Linguistics

Reporting linguistic research

Social science researchers are catching up with statistician recommendations for reporting research, yet many linguists and journal editors seem to be fettered to significance testing, the least informative option among the statistical tests available to linguists. Fortunately, there are modern statistical approaches available to support linguistic research:
Fall of the p paradigm: Modern methods for reporting linguistic research


Spanish Academic Research and Networking

The area of Spanish academic research is extraordinarily robust and active.

  • Spanish Linguistics Conferences: An updated list of higher-education conferences in Spanish linguistics. Connect Now
  • Spanish Literature Conferences: An updated list of higher-education conferences in Spanish literature. Connect Now
  • Find Spanish Academic Journals: Follow top Spanish academic researchers in peer-reviewed academic journals. Connect Now

Spanish Academic Publishing

Publish your manuscript in the Spanish Academic Journal and gain a worldwide audience:

  • Submit your new research or article, or dust off old works to publish them in an electronic format.
  • Submit final drafts of essays, articles, studies, and dissertation chapters to receive feedback from readers worldwide.
  • Submit your completed works for peer review and publishing.

Writings may be submitted in Spanish OR English.

For Educators

For Graduate Students

Join Us and Get Involved in the Network

The Spanish Academic Network is comprised of volunteers who share a passion for the Spanish language and its research. If you would like to volunteer your talents, please contact us. We seek volunteers who are able to help with:

  • Submission Review: We welcome editors and language experts who would like to review submissions to ensure that they adhere to submission guidelines.
  • Directory Building: Help us build a top quality directory for Spanish language research by finding useful links, and qualifying links submitted to us.
  • Web Content Translation: The Spanish Academic Network is working to localize its entire web site into both Spanish and English.

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