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The Spanish Academic Network receives most of its funding from sponsors who share our desire to provide free advanced interactive Spanish studies, carefully maintained research and academic directories, and free enterprise-class e-Publishing for educators, qualified students, and independent writers.

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Sponsors can donate as little or as much as they feel is appropriate. We are currently designing a sponsors page to acknowledge all of our kind sponsors. While we do not promote any specific business or any specific product, we will link to your website on our Sponsors Thank You page.

You control where your funding goes

When you donate to the Spanish Academic Network, you can select which project receives your funding. In short, you may specify one or more than one of the following:

Development of Academic Profiles and Programs
Expansion and technical perfection of our Interactive Spanish Studies
Graphic and technical production of the Spanish Academic Journal
select Research Directory building
select Professional Spanish translation and website localization
select Online Pay Per Click promotion
select Web hosting and programmatic corrections
select VB .NET and C# .NET functional programming
select Member screening

For a complete description of our major current projects, please refer to our Current Projects page.

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