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The Spanish Academic Network is proud to work with volunteers who are willing to lend their expertise to our current and upcoming projects.

We seek bilingual English-Spanish translators, academically qualified readers, directory submission researchers, graphic artists, website localization specialists, and independent contributors.

English-Spanish Translators - We seek qualified translators who are able to translate Spanish Academic Network web pages into Spanish. We will be offering our regular professional translators a full professional profile on our website. See Current Projects for details. Volunteer Now

Academically Qualified Readers - In general, the readers we seek are experienced Spanish journalists, editors, and academics with advanced relevant degrees. Readers review essays, poems, and dissertation chapters and they approve or reject them for inclusion in our online Spanish Academic Journal. Volunteer Now

Directory Submission Researchers - We protect the integrity of our directories by including the most highly relevant, high quality websites found on the Internet. Each directory submission researcher needs to have a good background in website technology including basic HTML, optimization linking schemes, and Page Rank. This knowledge is important in order to detect websites that are spammy, hiding keywords, or otherwise undesirable. Volunteer Now

Graphic Artists - Creating the designs found on the Spanish Academic Network's website requires special expertise from graphic artists. Currently, we seek graphic artists who are willing to work on our online Spanish Academic Journal templates, and profiles styles for students, educators, and our special translators. Graphic artists who understand web technology are especially helpful. Volunteer Now

Web Localization Specialists - The technology behind the Spanish Academic Network's website can be very complex. At present, our website is hand-crafted in HTML and using Microsoft .NET (.ASPX) web pages. As our site evolves there will be a claimant need for Visual Basic .NET and C# .NET programmers who are familiar with web localization technology; however, we will only be localizing the site into Spanish and English. Volunteer Now

Independent Contributors - The title "Independent Contributors" covers a large category of helpful individuals who have something unique to contribute to the Spanish Academic Network. These contributors include students with useful class notes and study sheets, ad hoc editors who notice something wrong on the site or adds a new distinction to our Interactive Studies, and individuals who make helpful suggestions. Volunteer Now

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