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Spanish Academic provides post-secondary educators a highly-visible, peer-reviewed place to publish their written work.

Join the Network! When you become a Scholar Member of Spanish Academic you can receive a personalized Spanish Academic profile to help you network, and you with enjoy the benefit of professional online publishing with a swift and thoughtful peer-review process that is free of publishing bias.

An Innovative Edeavor

Spanish Academic is dedicated to the educators who devote their lives to research and educating new thinkers.

We are proud to offer the first corporate-class online publishing environment for Spanish language networking and publishing; in fact, to our knowledge this publishing venue is the first of its kind for any language.

The Spanish Academic Journal for Creative Works and Qual-Quant Research

Spanish Academic will publish an online journal for creative works and for Spanish language researchers. The Spanish Academic Journal provides:

  • E-publishing for educator/scholars: Submit peer reviewed, completed works. You may also re-publish old works in an electronic format, provided that your article does not appear anywhere else in electronic format.
  • Get feedback from a worldwide audience: Submit articles to receive feedback from readers worldwide.

The Spanish Academic Journal vs. Traditional Academic Publishing


The most obvious advantages to scholars are (1) the sheer speed of publication; (2) the simplicity of the process, (3) an instant world audience, (4) complete copyright protection, and; (5) the ability to communicate with readers.

The Spanish Academic web portal may serve as a first step in publishing by helping authors present their articles to a worldwide audience and receive feedback before pursuing traditional academic publishing. The Spanish Academic Journal may also act as a living repository for previously published work.

Presenting in Style

Authors may choose from several templates to present their articles. Images, fonts, and colors and other presentation styles may be selected.

Join our Quality Assurance Team and Awards Committee

Spanish Academic is run and managed by volunteers who share a commitment to high-integrity research. We always need help.

If you would like to review submissions by authors to ensure that they conform to our publishing requirements, please let us know

There is also an opportunity to be part of an Awards Committe. On an annual basis the Committe will recognize a contributor for outstanding authorship in Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Heritage Language Studies, Spanish Peninsular Literature, Latin American Literature.

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