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Spanish Academic provides graduate students of Spanish linguistics, literature, and culture a free, secure way to publish their written work, even “in-process” writings to receive feedback from readers worldwide.

Join now! When you become a Spanish Academic Graduate Member you receive a personalized Spanish Academic profile to help you network, and you enjoy the benefit of professional online publishing with a swift but careful peer-review process. Membership is 100% free. 

The First of Its Kind for Any Language

The Spanish Academic web portal is the first of its kind in online graduate publishing.

The Spanish Academic Online Journal

The Spanish Academic Network publishes an online academic journal that is proud to enjoy thousands of visitors every week.

Why should you publish?

  • Get your name out there: The academic journal readership is large and growing rapidly. The Journal enjoys top positions in search engines around the world, and we are proud to bring the benefits of worldwide readership to our members.
  • Get feedback on your written work: Graduate students may submit final drafts of articles, studies, theses, and other works to receive feedback from readers worldwide.

Presenting in Style

Students may choose from several templates to present their writings. Images, fonts, and colors and other presentation styles may be selected.

Join our Peer Review Team and Awards Committee

The Spanish Academic Network is run and managed by volunteers who share a commitment to many different aspects of the Spanish language.

 Peer Review Team: If you would like to review written work submitted by other graduates to ensure that they are suitable for publishing, please let us know.

 Awards Committe: There is also an opportunity to be part of the Spanish Academic Awards Committe. On a annual basis the Committe will recognize a scholar for outstanding authorship. The Awards are given in the areas of Spanish Peninsular Literature, Latin American Literature, Formal Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Heritage Language Studies.

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