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Infobae is the leading news portal within the country that is also read in other places, such as Mexico. It offers several versions of its online portal, aimed at these countries and Latin America in general. It was the first among all Argentine newspapers to start using social networks to promote communication with its readers, which has helped it a lot in its growth process. Infobae was founded in 2002 and quickly became one of the most read online newspapers in Argentina. Originally, its purpose was to be the digital counterpart of the BAE newspaper, but this move to other hands soon after, leaving Infobae as an independent portal. Today they are part of Grupo Infobae, a chain of sites and media, including a streaming television channel. This newspaper has stood out for its great success. Their commitment to social networks and digital content proved to be very effective, putting them at the forefront among all left-wing and right-wing newspapers in Argentina. The portal has more than 2 million followers in networks and regularly together with millions of visits to its page. Here the reader can find the most relevant news from Argentina and the world, as the site has a more generalized focus. Their reports are of high quality and are made with a lot of social conscience, something that has helped them to be allies of important newspapers from other countries, such as Vice and the Washington Post. It is the most popular portal in its field where all kinds of readers can find interesting content.


If Infobae is the leading newspaper in terms of general information, Clarín is one of the best sources of today’s news in Argentina. It was founded on August 28, 1945 and since then it has been one of the main media in the country. Its printed version has the largest circulation among all the newspapers in Argentina, while the digital version is the third most consulted Spanish language newspaper in the world. Clarín also offers several editions of its portal aimed at different Spanish-speaking countries. It is part of the Clarín Group which includes other media. The newspaper has a rather critical tone and focuses on high impact news, paying special attention to topics such as sports and entertainment. It has a tabloid-style design that has served it very well and has set trends in different areas. It was one of the first to see the potential of the Internet, as they launched their website in 1995. Since then, it has become one of the most visited websites in Argentina.


Olé is part of the Clarín Group and specializes in news from Argentina in the field of sports. It is one of the most popular sports newspapers in the country. It was founded in May 1996 with a new concept that immediately captured the attention of the public and many professionals within the field. It has received multiple awards for its journalistic quality and design. Olé specializes in soccer news, although news about all kinds of sports can also be found here. It gives a place to the opinions of diverse authors and seeks to analyze in a critical way what is happening in different disciplines. The newspaper highlights the best athletes and players, as well as those who distinguish themselves by negative behavior. The website offers all the contents of the printed version and an archive of previous news items. In social networks, the newspaper has been a success, as more than 4 million people follow it to find out the best sports news now.


pEl Cronista is another of Argentina’s general information newspapers. It was founded in 1908 and its first online edition came out in 1994. It is the first newspaper to be published on the Internet, and at the time of its foundation it was the only business newspaper in the country. It has always been an independent newspaper with a critical voice. In the 80s, the newspaper took a different format and began to spread massively in the capital and throughout the country, although they also had a model. In the 80s the newspaper also took its current name. It is an excellent source of news from Argentina and the world that offers an agile coverage to all the news. It is one of the newspapers in Argentina with the highest audience. Compared to other newspapers, it also has a much longer history that gives it a unique perspective. Over the years, El Cronista has evolved along with the country.

GO TO WEBSITE Página 12 is located in the city of Buenos Aires. It appeared in 1987 and is one of the most popular newspapers in Argentina, being the fourth most visited portal in the news area. Since its foundation, it was an alternative newspaper that sought to be progressive and analytical. Beyond presenting the news, the objective of Página 12 was to know it in depth and analyze it. It has a very strong commitment to society and has revealed various scandals at the time. He has maintained a critical stance against the government and corruption, which has resulted in the delivery of awards for his struggle for the right to expression. The values he holds have distinguished his work from that of other newspapers in Argentina. Today, Página 12 continues to grow. It is owned by Grupo Octubre, which has helped it reach many new readers, leading a process of significant expansion in recent years. It can be defined as a leftist and dissident newspaper.


La Nación is another of the newspapers in Argentina that is in Buenos Aires and is read throughout the country. It has an illustrious and interesting history, since it was founded by Bartolomé Mitre, one of the country’s presidents. It was first published in 1870, so it has more than a century and a half of presence in Argentina. Its digital version occupies one of the first places among the most visited Spanish language newspapers. At least 7 million people are regular readers. La Nación, originally, supported Mitre and was published by its descendants until the present. Its political orientation is conservative liberalism and it has achieved national and international recognition for its high quality and journalistic work. It has been awarded many times over the years and its circulation is one of the widest in Argentina. Several world-class writers have worked here, from Miguel de Unamuno to Mario Vargas Llosa. The newspaper has an excellent professional level that has made it so popular among people. Its work and professional career are impressive. Without a doubt, it is a newspaper worth consulting. It stands out for its political coverage, variety of topics and opinion columns.


Perfil is another excellent representative of the Argentinean press. It was founded in Buenos Aires in 1998 as a newspaper of the publishing house Perfil. It began its trajectory as a digital newspaper that later had a printed edition, the opposite process of other newspapers in Argentina, however, this version did not last long. In 2005, it was re-launched and its digital edition continues to come out constantly. The mission of this newspaper has always been pure and critical journalism towards current events and personalities, as well as its competitors, such as the Clarín Group. Throughout the years, Perfil has been a controversial newspaper that, nevertheless, has always had readers who prefer it over other options.

GO TO WEBSITE Diario Popular is an Argentinean newspaper. It began publication in 1974. It is one of the best-selling newspapers in Argentina, together with Clarín and La Nación. Little by little, it has been growing and succeeding in today’s competitive environment. Its digital edition is one of the most consulted today. During its history, it was one of the first to innovate in different aspects of its presentation and edition, for example being the first to have a color version. It is one of the most popular newspapers in Argentina and attracts a wide variety of readers. It has focused on building a community and receiving contributions from its followers through social networks.


Los Andes was first broadcast in 1883, when Adolf Calle was the founder. Since its origin, it seeks to portray everything that happens in Mendoza, Argentina and the rest of the world. It became the first digital newspaper in the country, making its first publication in September 1995. Other places where you can get this newspaper are San Luis, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, San Juan and Chile.


This is one of the Argentine media specialized in economy and finance. It was founded in 1976 with the objective of covering the financial changes of the country, however, it became notorious until the following decade when it managed to anticipate one of the most important changes in the currency of Argentina. It then consolidated itself as a newspaper focused mainly on the economy. Today, it is part of the Avila Group, which has led to changes in its editions. For several years now, it has been publishing on the Internet in addition to the printed edition. Its focus is related to national companies and political analysis. Readers can find clear and diverse opinions on its online page.



It is possible to consider El Deber as one of the most important digital newspapers in Bolivia. They offer a selection of the best content. The reader will be able to find the latest news from Bolivia that is updated 365 days a year. The newspaper handles online broadcasts and other digital content. It is quite experienced, as it was founded in 1953 by Lucas Saucedo Sevilla. Since then, it has become one of the most important newspapers in Bolivia and with the largest audience.  It is published in Santa Cruz.


Los Tiempos

Los Tiempos is a newspaper founded in September 1943. Its first stage lasted until November 1953 when it was attacked and destroyed by a militant group. However, in July 1967 the newspaper resumed operations and has since been an important presence among the Bolivian press. It is published in Cochabamba, but thanks to its website it has been able to reach a larger audience. Its page was opened in 1997.


La Razón began to be published in La Paz on February 17, 1917. Its mission is to offer useful and timely information that gives a platform to the diverse voices of the country to be a reference inside and outside Bolivia. It is an excellent representative of La Paz newspapers that specializes in today’s news.


Página Siete

Here the reader can find the best news of Bolivia today. Although it is younger than its competitors, the newspaper has achieved considerable success. Página Siete presents relevant and high-quality content. It seeks to stand out among the written press in Bolivia thanks to its great handling of social networks and the opportunities offered by the Internet.

GO TO WEBSITE is a news and entertainment portal that is a national reference. It offers an excellent introduction to what is happening in the country today and also to the local culture. It is one of the digital newspapers in Bolivia that pays more attention to what distinguishes the country from other regions.


El Diario was founded in 1904.  It is the oldest newspaper among all the newspapers in Bolivia. With a history of more than 100 years, it has become a leader in its field. It was also a pioneer in terms of online newspapers in Bolivia, as it was the first to launch its website. Today, it has more than 15 thousand visits, so its audience is quite wide.


GO TO WEBSITE Emol or El Mercurio Online is the Internet portal belonging to El Mercurio. It belongs to an important national media chain. It was founded in 1990, with a specialty in economics and business, although it has gradually become one of Chile’s more generally focused digital newspapers. Since 1999, it has been one of the country’s leading newspapers in the news field that is associated with a print edition.  It is one of the most visited websites in Chile thanks to its excellent journalistic quality. Here the reader can find the best of Chile’s news today.
GO TO WEBSITE La Tercera is another of Chile’s online newspapers with a large audience. Its print version has a nationwide circulation and is the main competitor of El Mercurio. It is part of the COPESA group and the PAL association that includes several important Latin American publishers. La Tercera was founded in 1950 and has grown and changed several times since then. In 2003, it made an important change to its language and reporting. Today, it is one of the leaders in aspects such as politics, business and economy and has a great reputation both in its print and online versions. It is one of the most far-reaching national newspapers.
GO TO WEBSITE 13 is the digital portal managed by Canal 13, an open television channel. It is one of the most far-reaching free newspapers in Chile thanks to its link to this station. The channel originated in 1959 and was developed by Chilean engineers. Its audience has grown a lot over the years. Here you can find the latest news from Chile, sports news and entertainment content.
GO TO WEBSITE This newspaper is another of Chile’s national newspapers. It belongs to El Mercurio.  It focuses on current affairs and entertainment, offering the most relevant news in show business. This newspaper has a great history, since it was founded in 1902 by the owner of El Mercurio who wanted to follow the latest trends of other countries in terms of the written press in Chile. It is a very popular newspaper that is followed by thousands of people.
GO TO WEBSITE 24 Hours is a Chilean newscast that was born in 1990. It emerged with the return of democracy to the country with the intention of being a free and reliable source of news. On its website, readers can check out the best news and watch live broadcasts of the news. It is one of the newspapers of Santiago de Chile.
GO TO WEBSITE Soychile is a chain of regional newspapers in Chile that offers news from different areas of the country. It has contents adapted to different cities to offer readers the most relevant news for them. It is one of the youngest free newspapers in Chile, but one that has reached a large audience.
GO TO WEBSITE This is the web portal that corresponds to an open television channel that is managed by Bío-Bío Comunicaciones. It was created as a digital platform, since even its contents were initially transmitted through a web page. Nowadays, it is a popular site that offers all kinds of contents, so it can be considered as a general information newspaper or also classified as one of the Chilean sports newspapers.


El Tiempo

El Tiempo brings together more than a century of experience. It is one of Colombia’s most popular online newspapers, an honor that is shared by its print edition. For several years, it was practically the only newspaper that was published regularly in the whole country. It belongs to the Planeta group and is part of a media chain managed by Cada Editorial El Tiempo or CEET. With more than three million readers choosing its website to find out the latest news from Colombia, it is possible to see that this is one of the spoilt newspapers of local readers. Among the newspapers of Bogotá and the country in general, it has achieved great things.


Semana was inaugurated 36 years ago as a space for pluralism and critical journalism. It has sought to improve society through the information it presents and shares to help manage better initiatives and actions. Not only does it report the latest news from Colombia today, but it offers a selection of opinion columns from prestigious journalists to help have a well-informed community.

El Heraldo

El Heraldo was founded in the 30’s and has remained the number one newspaper in the Caribbean region and number five nationally in terms of readership. It is one of the oldest newspapers among all the newspapers in Colombia that has remained standing despite everything. It offers a good variety of content and focuses a little more on the Caribbean area of the country from which it originates.

El Espectador

El Espectador is the oldest newspaper in Colombia, and the one with the longest history in the country. It is characterized by independent investigative journalism, and by its offer of editorial and opinion columns, since it has a blog section. In social networks it actively engages with its users and invites them to share and debate on all kinds of topics.

This is an excellent source of today’s news about Colombia, as well as information about its culture, gastronomy, tourism and many other things. The site aims to be a meeting point for Colombians from all over the world. It is part of the Interlatin Group that brings together various media from different South American countries. It was originally created as an online portal, which distinguishes it from other Colombian newspapers.

The Colombian

The Colombian is located in Medellin. It was founded in 1912 and has been present ever since. In 2012, it underwent a major redesign to better serve its readers. This is one of the newspapers in Colombia that belongs to PAL, an international media association. It is also part of the El Colombiano group.


As its name indicates, this is a representative of the Colombian written press that focuses on business and financial issues. Its first edition came out in April 1993, so it is not as old as several of its competitors. The paper’s real strength is its unique approach. Here readers can find all the information about the stock market and currencies at the present time, the most important business news and interesting topics associated with the economy.

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