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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to become a Spanish Academic Network Graduate member?

If you are a student of Spanish studying for your Master's degree or Ph.D., you are welcome to apply for student membership. Spanish literature, linguistics, or culture should be your academic major. Your enrollment will be verified.

How do I become a Spanish Academic Network student member?

Fill out the The Spanish Academic Network Student Membership form and submit it.

How can I have my profile published?

Graduate profiles are created for all student members; however, to remain an active member, you must submit one (1) piece of written work per year. Inactive profiles are marked as "Inactive Member".

Are there any hidden costs associated with publishing on The Spanish Academic Network?

Publishing is free unless you request elaborate formatting or special graphic arts work. Contact if you have questions.

Who may submit their writings?

Any Master's or Ph.D. student majoring in Spanish language or culture may submit their writings.

What are the criteria for getting published?

Work submitted to The Spanish Academic Network must be in its final form. Before being published, two peer reviewers review your submission and both must agree that the submitted work meets our criteria for publishing. In general, we will not publish writings that do not recognize earlier scholarship, contain grammatical errors, or are poorly written. Work published on this site may be removed at any time without notice. We reserve the right to reject any submission.

What about copyrights?

Writings submitted to The Spanish Academic Network must be original works written by you, and you must own all copyrights before submitting them to us. You are solely responsible ethically and legally for your piece's legitimacy. All of your sources must be cited and published along with your writings.

What formats should be used, and in what format should I deliver the document?

Use standard MLA format and deliver your writing to The Spanish Academic Network in an ELECTRONIC form: either as a Word for Windows (.doc or .docx), Text File (.txt), or a Rich Text File (.rtf). Send it to

What can I do if I do not have my work in an electronic format?

Contact our e-Publishing division for information:

Will The Spanish Academic Network link to content I have published elsewhere on the Internet?

In general, no: We provide outbound links only from our directories. Work published in the Spanish Academic Journal must not be duplicated on the Internet.

Who will read my work?

The Spanish Academic Network has a worldwide audience; however, if you only want members to be able to read your work, that option will be available.

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